There are many hotels in Barcelona that cater for the different needs of Stag and Hen groups. Barcelona Adventure recommends that you try and stay as central as possible. There are hotels that offer great deals on the outskirts of the city but you may find much of the kitty money going on taxis.

We work with many hotels and apartments in Barcelona that are Stag and Hen friendly. Barcelona Adventure is based in Barcelona all year round and are constantly updating the accommodation we offer so you get the best deal. As we are on the ground in Barcelona we can also recommend the areas in Barcelona that would suit your interests best.

So if you want us to organise your accommodation in Barcelona please contact us.

Barcelona Adventure will make the reservation and deal with the booking on your behalf so that you have one less thing to organise! We can offer basic accommodation right up to 5 star hotels depending on your needs.

Please note that Barcelona is a popular destination so we recommend booking your accommodation early as it can get tricky booking accommodation for a large group at the last minute. You are not obliged to book accommodation with us in order to book activities but it is worth asking for a quote regarding accommodation booking as we can get some fantastic deals on your reservation.