Laser Combat

This is the latest craze and the perfect activity for both stag and Hen groups who like the idea of shooting each other in an all out battle without getting any nasty bruises!

The guns shoot an infra red light, similar to the ones found in TV remote controls but it is totally harmless and does not cause injury. There is no need for protective clothing, or masks therefore.

The playing fields are in a national park close to Barcelona and it can be combined with other activties such as quad biking, sailing or watersports.

The activity includes private transport to and from the combat zone, unlimited ammunition and camoflage gear to help you blend in with nature. If the best man is feeling especially cruel, luminous clothing is available for the stag or hen to wear!

Laser Combat events in Barcelona are excellent for stag and hen weekends groups, for team building and for anyone interested in having a fun time during their stay in the city.

Interested in this activity and would like to find out more? Would you like to discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know.