GPS Escape Game

Pirates have invaded Barcelona’s city centre and your group is suck in the centre of town! There is only one escape route which will lead you to safety but can you negotiate it without the pirates finding you? Beware, you may need to sacrifice one of your mates!

You will need to follow the instructions given to you on the GPS App and I-pads that we give each team. In order to escape you will need to activate various hotspots that appear on the screen and correctly solve the task or answer the question. Once you have successfully completed one task you will have to activate the next safe area and so on until you reach safety. Only when your GPS verifies that you are in exactly the right location will your team be able to activate the hotspot and attempt the challenge! Along the way there will be special tasks that need to be completed against the clock and others that must only be performed by the stag or hen,

Great way to explore the city and embarrass the stag at the same time. Your help, especially with the free club entry, was greatly appreciated.
Hope to visit again soon.

Joe Tanner Devlin's stag do January 2020

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