Bubble Football

This an unique and entertaining event that we offer our groups at a pitch in the center of Barcelona!

Bubble Football or zorb football is a hilarious new activity that will have your party in fits of laughter. It’s similar to a normal game of football in that teams are trying to score the most goals, however in bubble football you will all be wearing huge inflatable balls that cover you from your head down to your knees. Tackling is allowed and you can bump into one another and knock other players down, most tackles end in hilarious scenes.

Players will be bounced and bumped all over the place and rolling around the pitch upside down with their legs in the air. This is a unique and entertaining activity and we recommend you bring your cameras as it’s a good one to upload on You Tube!

Apart from the conventional football game we can also add some other fun games involving the bubble footballs. Bubble Sumo is a variation on the game except the object of the game is to try and bounce the opponents out of the ring using balance and agility. Bubble British bulldog is a similar game where you have to prevent the other team from reaching the other side by blocking them in the bubble costume. Both games are great fun with hilarious consequences. This is a great activity to do in Barcelona.

Thoroughly enjoyable and a great time had by all.

John Gray November 2013

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